Beginning the Story of Change or Compassion

Beginning the Story of Change or Compassion



Students will be able to ...



1. Do Now: In Writing Workshop - What are some tips you could give to someone about how you select a good topic to write about?

2. Discuss their answers and write them on the Smart Board.

3. Discuss that we have already talked about change. I want to show them a way that they can learn and understand new vocabulary words and we are going to use change because it is an easy word to start with. We will fill out the graphic organizer. See this page for more information on the strategy.

4. After completing "change" together, students will do the graphic organizer for the word "compassion" on their own in their notebooks.

5. After they are done, I will describe the next writing assignment - a story about change or compassion.

6. Students will brainstorm on each topic and they are to come to class next week having selected a topic.


Homework: Have a specific topic for your next paper.



Looking at students' work on their graphic organizers - are they filling them out correctly and demonstrating an understanding of the word?

Looking at students' brainstorming and topic selection - are they brainstorming in depth and selecting appropriate topics?