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Brainstorming on a Topic

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Brainstorming on a Topic



Students will be able to ...

  • describe the purpose of brainstorming before writing
  • identify methods for brainstorming
  • brainstorm on a topic
  • identify methods for organizing a story and a description
  • organize a story or description



1. Do Now: What are you looking forward to in writing this project? What are you nervous about?

2. Minilesson on brainstorming - defining it, the purposes for doing it before writing, and types one can do. Show my brainstorms for my writing.

3. Students will brainstorm for 5-10 minutes.

4. I will show my sample writing - story and description. With each, I will tell them what I'm looking for and we will talk about organizing each.

5. Students will do some organizing and begin their first draft.


Homework: First draft



Are students able to use one of the methods to brainstorm? Are they organizing a little before they begin the draft?

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