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Defining Motivation

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Defining Motivation



Students will be able to ...

  • Define motivation
  • Describe the difference between internal motivation and external motivation
  • Interpret quotes on motivation and describe the link between the quote and internal/external motivation
  • Describe what motivates them.



1. Do Now: Students will freewrite on what they think of when they hear the word motivation.

2. Mini-lesson on motivation, defining it and describing internal and external motivation.

3. Student groups receive quotes on motivation. Together, they must put the quote in their own words, and say whether they agree or disagree and why.

4. Student groups share and I ask them what the quote is connected with our lesson on motivation.

5. Students write about what motivates them to do well academically.

Homework - Students will create a poster that shows the viewer what motivates them.



How well do student groups put the quote in their own words and justify their opinion? Do students have something that motivates them to do well in school? Can they identify it as internal or external?

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