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Defining the Question

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Defining the Question



Students will be able to ...

  • define "form," "change," and "persist"
  • rephrase this year's Essential Question into their own words



1. Do now: In your notebook, brainstorm on each of the following words -- "form" "change" and "persist" -- you may use freewriting, listing, or clustering.

2. Have students share with their neighbors. Give them each three post its to write a definition for each word. They will then stick their post-its on chart paper - one for each word.

3. Students will read what everyone else has for their definition and then go back to their seats.

4. Discuss - what can be our class definition for "form" "change" and "persist" -- put on chart paper.

5. Reveal this year's Essential Question -- "How and why do cities form, change, and persist?" Discuss the question and if they have any questions or want to change our class definition of any of the words in the question.

6. Students will use another post-it note to rewrite the question in their own words.



Write down five questions you have about New York City and why it is the way it is.



Are students able to to define the words? Can they sufficiently rewrite the question while keeping the meaning?

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