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Finding and Explaining Evidence in the Character Analysis Paper

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Finding and Explaining Evidence in the Character Analysis Paper



Students will be able to ...

  • select evidence to support a character analysis assertion
  • explain how that evidence supports their assertion



1. Do Now: In the writing workshop section of their notebooks, students will freewrite about anything on their mind.

2. Students will receive a handout where I have written my character analysis assertion, controlling idea, and listed the evidence I plan on using to support my assertion and an explanation about how that evidence supports the assertion. I will have students read the handout together.

3. I will talk about how whenever we include evidence in an essay, we need to let the reader into our head and make sure that we explain the evidence. I will be sure to tell them that it might seem obvious to the writer how the evidence relates, but it is not always as obvious to the reader.

4. Students will receive a handout like the one I filled out. They will write their own assertion and controlling idea. They will put their evidence and explanations on the handout as well. I will walk around to assess their assertions, controlling ideas, evidence, and explanations.

5. If there is time left, students will share their work with someone else reading their book.



Looking at their handouts, are students selecting evidence that supports their assertion? Are they able to write explanations for that evidence?

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