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How to Be Persuasive in Writing

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How to Be Persuasive in Writing



Students will be able to ...

  • identify persuasive techniques which can be used in writing (as opposed to advertisements)
  • select a topic that is personally relevant to them for their persuasive essay
  • choose an audience for their persuasive essay



1. Do Now: In reading workshop identify which of these advertising techniques can be used in writing: showing before/after, songs and jingles, celebrity/mascot endorsement, humor.

2. We will discuss their answers.

3. I will pass out copies of persuasive essay and we will read it together.

4. In their notebooks, students will identify: what the author is trying to persuade us of, who her main audience is, and persuasive techniques used. Discuss.

5. I will discuss the next formal writing assigment. We will discuss what it means for a topic to be personally relevant (i.e., the author has some personal experience that goes with the topic).

6. Students will brainstorm possible topics for their essays.



Select a topic and an audience to read the topic.



Were students able to look at the essay and analyze some of the author's techniques? Are students able to select a topic that is personally relevant?

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