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How to Present the Portfolio During the Conference

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How to Present the Portfolio During the Conference


My students present their portfolios to me in an individual conference. I do this so I can ask them questions and push them to be more reflective about their work. The presentations last 10 minutes - 3-5 for their actual presentation and the rest of the time for questions and discussion.


After students have created the Table of Contents and put the work in the binder or folder, they take off the post-it notes. These serve as an outline for the presentation. They they write their presentation. I give them the following tips:


1. Be prepared and neat.

2. Be specific about what you learned. Point to your work and parts of it to explain why and how that work shows your learning.

3. Be prepared to answer questions.

4. Don't forget about the skills you may not have work for or what you learned that wasn't on my original list.


Here are some of the questions that I tell them they need to be prepared to answer:

  • What kinds of pieces have you selected for your portfolio?
  • How does the writing in this portfolio show improvement from the beginning of the semester?
  • How has your writing changed from the beginning of the semester until now?
  • Which aspects of your reading and writing have improved this semester? Can you show me work in your portfolio that proves this?
  • Where in your portfolio can you show me that you are becoming a good reader and writer?
  • What will a reader learn about you as a student, reader, and writer from your portfolio?
  • What new learning does your portfolio show?
  • What things did you learn about yourself from completing this portfolio?
  • What is the best piece of work in this portfolio and why is it your best piece?
  • Based on the work in this portfolio, what do you think you need to learn how to do better?
  • What are your goals for next semester?

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