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Identifying Audience and Purpose of Poems

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Identifying Audience and Purpose of Poems



Students will be able to ...

  • Identify audience and purpose of poems



1. Do Now: In writing workshop, why do you think people write poetry? Who do they write poetry for?

2. Share do nows and discuss.

3. Students will receive a handout of poems written by Tupac Shakur. I will tell students that poetry can also have an audience and a purpose and it can vary. They will be asked to read through the poems and try to identify the audience and purpose of each poem - there may be some similarities, but there might also be differences.

4. After students have read, there will be chart paper around the room - each piece having the name of one of the poems with a t-chart (one side audience and one side purpose). Students will go around the room with markers and write their answers on the chart paper. Before sitting down, they will walk around and observe how other students answered.

5. We will discuss their answers.



Think of three different people in your life. For each person, think of three things you might want to convince/persuade them of. (You will wind up with 9 topics total.)



Are students identifying audience and purpose? Are they able to come up with possible audiences and purposes?

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