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Introducing portfolios

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Introducing portfolios



Students will be able to ...

  • identify the purpose of a portfolio
  • identify the requirements for their portfolio
  • select work for their portfolio that demonstrates learning



The PowerPoint Presentation I use for this lesson.


1. Do Now: What are the top ten things you have learned in this class this semester?

2. We will put some of their answers on the board.

3. I will pass out the handout for the portfolios. I will tell them what a portfolio is and what it is for. We will then go over the handout, talking about their requirements for their portfolio. The handout for English 1

4. They will have the rest of the period to select work and attach post its for brainstorming the relevance of each piece of work.



  • Are students thoughtful in their selection of work?
  • Are they selecting work that demonstrates real learning?

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