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Pacing reading and writing summaries and reactions

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Pacing reading and writing summaries and reactions



Students will be able to ...

  • Figure out how long it is going to take them to read a particular book and schedule their reading.
  • describe the difference between writing a summary of a reading and a reaction to a reading.



1. Do Now: Take out your independent reading book, then answer this question in your notebooks: When and where is the best place for you to read? Why?

2. Share do now.

3. Check that all students have their books. Tell them that we are going figure out a schedule for their reading of this book. Tell them the deadline for the first book and count how many weeks that is. Ask them to look to see how many pages their book is and divide how many pages they will have to read every week.

4. Students will read for 10 minutes and figure out how many pages they can read in 10 minutes. After this, ask them to figure out how many minutes it will take them to read the required amount every week. Discuss figuring out when the best time to read is and ask them to write down how often and how much they plan on reading.

5. Tell students the difference between a summary and a reaction. Show them samples that I have written.

6. Students will write summaries and reactions to their reading.



Finish summaries and reactions. Begin reading as scheduled.



Are students able to read for the ten minutes? How far do they get in their books? Does their writing demonstrate a knowledge of the difference between a summary and a reaction?

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