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Playing the Doubting Game - Responsibility for Obesity

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Playing the Doubting Game - Responsibility for Obesity


*In watching Super Size Me, students have made it clear that they believe that people should be responsibility for what they eat and therefore should not hold fast food restaurants responsibility. I respect their opinions and want to help them see the other view. Therefore, I'm using Peter Elbow's doubting game.



Students will be able to ...

  • state reasons for believing an opinion different from their own.



1. Do Now: (In reading workshop) What are all the reasons to believe that people should be responsible for being obese and shouldn't be able to sue fast food restaurants?

2. Discussion.

3. Tell students that after we watch today's section of the movie, we will do an activity meant to help them consider the other point of view - that fast food restaurants do have some responsibility.

4. Watch the next section of the movie.

5. Students will receive a large index card. On the card, I will ask them to do a focus freewrite on what reasons people might have for believing that fast food restaurants should be held responsibility for the obesity problem.

6. We will discuss the reasons they came up with. Their purpose is to not state their opinion, but to defend a particular opinion if they believe it or not.



Reading their notecards and listening to the discussion, are students able to give reasons for an opinion, even if they don't believe it?

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