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Using Cause and Effect Maps, Part I

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Using Cause and Effect Maps, Part I



Students will be able to ...

  • Use a cause and effect map to identify cause and effect relationships in a documentary.



1. Do Now: In Reading Workshop - What causes you to go to school? What effect will going to school have on your life?

2. Mini-lesson on cause and effect and maps used to identify cause and effect relationships.

3. Watch scenes 8-16. Pause after he throws up from eating his first super sized meal and as a class do a cause and effect map. For the rest of this segment, students will keep a cause and effect map surrounding obesity.

4. We will discuss the causes and effects of obesity.


Homework - Think of an important event in your life and create a cause and effect map of this event.



How well are students able to identify causes and effects and use a map to represent their thoughts? Do students see that there are sequence chains and that there can be multiple causes and effects?

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