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Using Descriptive Details

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Using Descriptive Details



Students will be able to ...

  • describe why writing needs descriptive details
  • write a description of an object so that a classmate can identify it
  • write descriptive details of a setting, a character, and a character's movements



The Power Point for this lesson:

1. Do Now (In Writing Workshop): Draw a flower.

2. After students have drawn their flowers, I will have them look at their classmates' papers and see if they drew flowers like anyone else's. I will then show them a picture of an exotic flower and ask them if anyone drew that picture. (Hopefully, no one will have.) I'll ask them why they didn't draw that flower when I told them to draw a flower. We will discuss the importance of using descriptive details when you write, especially those that use the senses.

3. Students will select an object in the room without letting anyone know what it is. They will then write about this object (without naming it) in a way that a classmate could guess. They will share in pairs and try to guess each other's objects.

4. I will share more pictures with students, getting them to write as descriptively as possible and they will share their responses.

5. We will go over the official assignment for the story of change/compassion and I will emphasis that I will be looking for what descriptive details they use.



In looking at their writing for the day, are they able to use descriptive details for characters, objectives, settings, and the ways characters move. I will also look in their stories to see if they incorporate descriptive details there.

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