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Why we want to become better readers and writers

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Why we want to become better readers and writers



Students will be able to ...

  • explain the main requirements of the class.
  • identify the supplies needed for the class.
  • discuss why we should be good readers/writers.
  • identify what you should be looking for/at when selecting a book.



1. Attendance

2. Name Game

3. Web Activity

4. Explain that there will always be a do now on the board. When they come to class, they are to go directly to their seats, take out their notebooks, and begin the do now. Each day, I will take a grade based on their ability to do this and it will count as a classwork grade. I will explain why I do this (gets them focused at the beginning of the class). It is the easiest grade and will help them do well in this class.

5. Do Now: Why should people be good readers and writers?

6. Share.

7. Distribute reading and writing letters and have people share out loud.

8. Supplies - need a bound notebook that is used just for this class, a two-pocket folder, looseleaf (for homework and some classwork), plus a 1-inch binder that will be kept in the classroom as their portfolio. They must have these supplies for the next class - it will be their first homework grade.

9. First task after getting the supplies, is to pick a book to read for independent reading (refer to reading letter). Brainstorm as a class what one does to successfully pick a book. They should take notes on the paper they did the do now (in a notebook if they already have one or on looseleaf I provide, which will be stapled into their notebook).


Homework: For next class, have supplies. For class after that, have book for independent reading.



Were students able to quietly and effectively do the do now? Did students understand the letters? Are they able to communicate how one goes about picking a book?

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