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Writing a Good Introduction to the Persuasive Essay

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Writing a Good Introduction to the Persuasive Essay



Students will be able to:

  • Identify possible ways to introduce an essay
  • Evaluate another author's introduction for its effectiveness
  • Write two possible introductions or their own essays



1. Do Now: In writing workshop, what is the purpose of an introduction of an essay.

2. Discuss and create notes for notebook

3. Pass out handout on possible introductions. Discuss which ones they like/don't like.

3. Pass out another example of a persuasive essay with a personally relevant topic. Read. After reading, students will write in their notebooks if the author used one of the introductions and how well the author introduced the essay (did it fulfill the purpose we discussed a the beginning of the lesson).

4. Discuss.

5. Students will write two possible introductions for their persuasive essay.



Finish the first draft of the essay.



Are students able to discuss their evaluations of the author's introduction? What criteria do they use? Are they able to write two introductions for their essay?

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